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In Preparation for Your NAJSEP Recruits’ Arrival

In order to make this program successful, there are several tasks that your company must accomplish before your NAJSEP recruits arrive:

1. Meet the recruits at the city bus station and be prepared to transport them to their new home, apartment, motel, etc… This might require that your company rent a vehicle depending on the size of the group.

2. Have a welcome basket for each of your recruits.

3. Have sufficient funds to assist your recruits in furnishing their place of residence with very basic items. The best-case scenario is to have the place of residence “set up” with everything they will need before they arrive. For example, kitchen table and chairs, bunk beds (or some type of bedding), cooking utensils, refrigerator, groceries, toilet paper, bath towels, soap and anything else that will be needed until these recruits can earn their first paycheck and become self-sufficient.

4. Have researched and coordinated living accommodations several months in advance. It is strongly advised that if your company is renting apartments for the recruits that your company pays for the first month’s rent, utilities and water. Obviously, the least expensive rent is best for the recruits. We are not suggesting that your company pay all the rent for the recruits’ entire length of stay, only for the first month.

5. Be prepared to have a plan to transport the recruits to your company’s location and back home again each day. One of the most popular methods is to compensate (in some way) of your current employees who can conveniently pick them up and take them home. This will have to be done only if the recruits cannot purchase transportation or cannot ride commercial transportation. These same employees could become the designated sponsor who would also need to help each recruit cash checks, mail letters, provide transportation to the store for groceries, clothes, etc…

As you can see, there are many things that the employer must do to prepare for these NAJSEP recruits. Remember that these young people have very little, if any, money to pay for all of the above until they receive their first paycheck. Therefore, anything that can be done to ease the transition would be greatly appreciated by each individual. We are sure that you will find that these employer-assumed responsibilities are a small price to pay for a loyal and dedicated work force that you can count on. Your company might just find the perfect fit and hire the NAJSEP worker for life.


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