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The Native American Jump Start to Employment Program is a link between the employer and Native American high school graduates who want a summer job. The summer jobs can certainly turn into life long careers.

Unemployment on some Reservations in South Dakota is 85%, so these good kids do not have a chance for employment at a job on the reservation.

This NAJSEP program is only for summer jobs and is not an “assimilation” program. NAJSEP is not connected to any religious group/faith or governmental program.


Scott Evans


  • Non-Profit Charity 501(c) 3

    • Native American Young Adults

    • Services to Employers and Individuals

    • Improvement & advancement of communities in need

    • Native American Jumpstart on Employment


    • Separate Board of Advisors (all Native)

    • Currently Native American Schools in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming

What is the FEWA Foundation Doing?

  • Matching willing worker with employers that need the help

  • Connecting communities

    • voluntary

    • No Religious Agenda

    • Not another government program

    • Not an Assimilation program to move Native Americans to make them less Native American (Historical Governmental Assimilation Programs restricted native Language and Cultural identity

  • Connecting different Cultural Communities (Employers also share their culture)

  • Employers provide or arrange housing

  • Employers provide transportation to and from work daily

  • Employers can get permanent workers from Summer Interns

  • Common ground makes for understanding

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