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Native American Jump Start to Employment Program (NAJSEP)

General Guidelines:
Employers who are FEWA members have job openings that cannot be filled. Therefore, FEWA acts as a connecting point for Native American Students, who are typically in areas with no jobs available, to employers who have jobs that go unfilled. FEWA is only the means to connect the two groups.

FEWA will provide the Native high school graduates one round trip bus ticket from the nearest bus station to the nearest bus station to the employer member. FEWA will send a check for $100.00 to the selected students when they arrive at their new employers’ place of business.

*FEWA and the NAJSEP Board are not responsible for anything outside simply giving a student a chance at a job, a round trip bus ticket, and $100.00.

1. The high schools participating in the Native American Jump Start to Employment Program (“Program”) shall be designated by F.E.W.A. A committee designated by F.E.W.A. shall make the final selection of nominees that will participate in the program. NAJSEP Directors, high school counselors, and FEWA staff shall not be involved in the final selections process for students.

2. Eligibility for Participants:
a. Must be 18 years or older prior to travel
b. Must be a high school graduate prior to travel
c. No official certified degree of Native American heritage is required…this program is for Native American Indian students.

3. An agreement shall be executed between the Employer and participant whereby: Employers shall arrange housing for Program participants. Further, such employers shall provide for transportation for the Program participant to and from the employer’s place of business each workday.

4. FEWA shall contact its entire employer membership with information containing the Program’s requirements. Of this group, F.E.W.A.’s employer members with interest in participating in the Program shall submit information online specifying the opportunities which are available.

5. Participants may choose an employer/job opportunity in which they are interested. Prior to departure for his or her participation in the Program, each employer shall speak with each selected participant and his/her family.

6. Upon arrival at the employer’s place of business, participants become eligible for the recommendation criteria of F.E.W.A.’s Freddy Sanchez scholarship. Should the participant and employer come to an agreement of employment beyond the initial three months of the Program, the participant will continue to be eligible (to the extent aforementioned for F.E.W.A.’s Freddy Sanchez scholarships, however, such worker-participant will no longer be considered a participant of the Program.

7. F.E.W.A. will contribute a one-time $100 award to each participant’s acclimatization to his or her position. Such award shall be given upon arrival of the employer’s place of business. Further, F.E.W.A. will award each participant with one single one-time round trip bus ticket to each participant’s home (or closest bus station). The purpose of this award is to assist the participant in his/her initial days at the city of employment. Further, should the participant decide to leave employment at anytime for any reason he/she may use this award to come home without depending on their employer.

8. Each employer and participant’s participation in the Program shall be voluntary. Such employer and participant are not and shall not act as an agent of F.E.W.A. in any manner. Also, neither shall act in F.E.W.A.’s benefit in any manner. F.E.W.A. is not liable or responsible for the acts and conduct of either employer or participants in the Program. Should any dispute arise between the employer and participant, F.E.W.A. will not be held accountable to act as a mediator, adjudicator or any other neutral-third party dispute resolution participant. F.E.W.A.’s purpose and involvement with the Program is solely to connect applicants and employers who may need seasonal workers. Furthermore, F.E.W.A. holds harmless any disputes, injuries or liabilities arising from the participant’s employment with the employer.

9. Participant may not have joined the military service prior to participation.

10. Participants must depart for employment by June 15 of any summer.

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